TOTTI MOTORI: Roberto’s Customs

TOTTI custom CONCEPT_04We are extremely proud to publish our interview to Roberto Totti, owner of TOTTIMOTORI. There’s a lot to learn here, folks!

MF: Roberto, you basically know every motorcycle ever built. What was your first bike? 

ROBERTO:  My first bike was a BMW R50/5. I bought it in 1979 with the prizes I earned during the races season: I was a mechanic at Montesa.

TOTTI CONCEPT_02MF: You are the founder of TOTTIMOTORI since 1973.  How has your passion for motorcycles become a business?

R: Yes, since 1973 I have worked really hard. And now, after 40 years, I spend every day at my mechanic shop. At night I am on internet to study styles and concepts. Business comes by itself, naturally. I never advertise on magazines. I keep working hard and do the best I can so people look for me. I live off repairing and building special bikes for these people.

MF: Tell us about your best or unforgettable ride.

R: My life is a race to know the motors world better and better. you never know enough. I always have to find new solutions for original Special bikes.

totti customMF: What motorcycle is a pain in the ass and what is a fun one to work on?

R: I have fun to work on every bike. Now I get clients with serious engine issues. They deal with simple problems with friends or by themselves in their garage. The harder the challenge, the more fun I have.

MF: What do you think of driving in Italy?

R: Riding a bike is about dealing with chaos everywhere. In Italy we have beautiful roads and lots of possibilities, with amazing panoramas.

totti custom detailMF: Harley, bmw, ducati, triumph, bsa, honda, suzuki. There are so many bikes: What fascinates you the most?

R: I love 2 cylinders bikes. Any brand. I just love twins.

MF: Any wise advice you want to give to our reader? Do you have your own motto? 

R: Yes I do. Give more than what you get. This way I am at peace with myself.

MF: Tell us about the motorcycle ride of your dreams. 

R: Well, I don’t have a bike and I don’t ride! I have more fun tuning OPB (Other people Bikes) LoL.

MF: You are a guru. You are a top class mechanic. But do you ever need help or advice from ANOTHER mechanic? 

TOTTI CUSTOM DUCATIR: I am a mechanic and even if I keep studying, it happens that I don’t know everything. Sometimes I ask other mechanics that know more to share their experiences and knowledge. You have to me humble to learn.

MF: Ask yourself a question or use this place to say something you always wanted to say.

R: Stop putting pieces together and call it a special bike. A special has technical innovations, style, lots of manually built parts. Customizer is a job not fashion.

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Photo Courtesy of Roberto Totti Archive. All rights reserved.