stafano deus bmw1Stefano is just a great guy: everyone should get inspiration from him. He is a friend. He usually travels the World by planes, but when he is not sitting up in the air, he rides his special bikes. Now we can get to know about him a little better.

MF: Ciao Stefano. Tell us about you and why you decided to start a custom motorcycle like the BMW.

STEFANO ROBINO:  Bikes have always been an important component of my  life at different stages. Since childhood, I remember my father taking me on his Vespa Piaggio from 1960 and driving me around the country side nearby my little town in the italian Alps (Biella). Right in the teens the cross rides with my friends. Our 50 cc’s were louder than an Harley Davidson and slower than any bicycle (LoL). When my father bought  his first BMW GS R80, something definitively struck me for ever. Those engines were like a sculpture to me! I felt authority and perfection at the same time. I said to myself that one day I would have own one.

stefano deus bmw2

MF: What was your first bike? 

SR: My first bike was a Kramit 50cc, aesthetically  a great looking bike but the slowest I’ve ever ride…It was my family’s birthday present in the summer of the 1990. We rode everywhere we could, we had no fear. Most of the times being chased by farmers or angry dogs. But it was FUN and FREEDOM.

MF: You were commercial director of Lanvin. How your passion for motorcycles influences your lifestyle? 

SR: Anything that eventually becomes a real interest or passion strongly contributes to my lifestyle and vision. Bikes and Fashion go hands in hands to me and represent a certain kind of look for my fashion eyes. I developed a strong sense of aesthetic since the early stages but never fully explored what could that be meaning. My biggest inspirations have always been the early 60’s, that kind of looks, the mix and match , the uniqueness of people. London for that has been a great source of inspiration; browsing in the most amazing flea stores! In my days at Lanvin, being responsible to develop a distribution, I had to deal  also with product and merchandising. Today I wanted to express even more my vision and teamed up with Deus to create this bike. In parallel I have been also working on a capsule shirt collection which ideally I would like to distribute in the near future. Lots of great things ahead!

stefano deus bmw3

MF: What is your longest or unforgettable ride?

SR: Probably I should say the last SOLO one, Me and my thoughts from Biella to Paris – 840KM in 2 days. It was a great ride passing by Martigny, Geneve, the french alps and champagne on their autumnal colours. Entering in Paris and looking around me, I felt I conquered the city (LoL)

MF: You just restored a BMW and a YAMAHA by DEUS. Tell us about this work.

SR:  When I discovered Deus, a new entire lifestyle opened up to me! Finally something that was reflecting my vision and my other interests ( skateboard, surf, ski, clothes, coolness, vintage feeling, simple things) I bought my first Deus, the Yamaha SR 500 Drover S pup and felt immediately in love with this unique beauty. Everytime I park it to have a coffee there are always a bunch of old gentlemen that are trying to figure out what they are looking at…Love that! When I work for a personal project, I want to be sure that we are all in the same mind frame. The Deus Milano guys were indeed in my direction. I proposed them to work on a new project which was also for them barely new. We were all on board and started to brainstorm on the idea. I was looking for something with a vintage feeling,  something relevant to this days and not nostalgic at all. I literally digged myself into this world and worked on the inspiration board. Words such as  naked, chic, nasty, loud, vintage, unique, 70s were used. If there was a person that I had in mind it was definitively Steve Mc Queen.
And so it was 5 months of works and fine tuning but the final result exceeded my expectations. The Steve R 100 by Deus was born and now rides happily in the region of Paris!

stefano bmw

MF: What do you think of driving in France…And in Italy?

SR: If I exclude Paris which is as bad as any big town in the world, I can definitively sat that French driving is very pleasant and organised.
I wish I could say the same for my country.

MF: Harley, Bmw, Ducati, Triumph, Bsa, Honda, Suzuki, Norton. There are so many bikes: What fascinates you the most?

SR: I don’t consider myself to be fully supportive of any of those mentioned names. I like bits of everything I must say! Love the sound of an Harley, the engine of a BMW, the Scrambler, the BSA and Honda tanks from the 70s.

MF: Do you have your own motto?

SR: Be Cool.

stafano robino deus

MF: Tell us about the motorcycle ride of your dreams. 

SR: I do own it right now! And wouldn’t trade for anything else.

MF: Do you want to say something to the World?

SR: You can find inspiration in anything.

stefano deus bmw4

Photo Courtesy of Stefano Robino’s archive and Deus Ex Machina, Milan.