So you want a driving license…in NYC?!

driver licenseYou are crazy enough and incredibly in love with Motorcycles. Wether you just moved or have been here in New York for a while, you can’t do it anymore without a motorcycle. Maybe you have a car license or an international driving license. Well that ain’t work, you will have to get a New York Class M driver license to be able to drive a motorcycle in the City (and outside of course, which is even better). No, you don’t need a driver license to ride in the hallway like James. So here the good news: it sounds like a mess at first but: It’s not that difficult! All you need to do is just following the instruction on the DMV website, step by step.  Because we know you are a little lazy and because we are lazy too but we have actually done it before (and yes, DMV website s*&%s and our is awesome instead) we want to help you out. The first thing to do is basically study for the written test. Step 1: take the written test. It doesn’t matter if you have another state or country license, New York is not the same! You can find some good Manual and Quiz on the DMV website (sorry, you can’t really avoid that). In a few days you should be able to answer almost all questions. When you feel ready enough, you can show up at the DMV office Downtown with your application (Form MV44 is downloadable on DMV’s site). Those kind of offices are usually packed, and we mean it. Show up early or you’ll end up in a long queue. No, you can’t even smoke a cigarette in a queue. The ladies and gents at the reception desk are usually quite impatient but overall nice, and they will give you some paperwork to fill out and charge you a variable fee (bring about $100). You will be able to take the written test right there, after a dude snaps a photo of you. Which will end up on your driver license, if you pass the test of course. Make sure you sleep enough the night before (and ladies: bring some make up). If you are not completely dumb you will pass the written test because it’s actually quite easy,  if you study the DMV quiz a little. So you got your Learner Permit. Now? With this piece of paper, which lasts about 5 years, you can drive around the city, not free unfortunately: a 21y/o or older friend with a license has to follow you closely and supervise, even if you are a skilled driver like Valentino Rossi. And this rule is applied until you pass the Road Test. Before scheduling the road test you must contact a driving school. Not quite to practice on  bike but because you’ll need to get a 5hrs pre-license certificate. It’s basically a class where a guy explains everything you studied while prepping the written test. Just want to make sure you remember to stop at a red light. Once you do the course, you’ll be able to schedule the Road Test through the school (or you can do it by yourself but at this point, because you are lazy, just do it through the school. We will tell you later which school you might want to call, no worries. The great news is that you can do the Road Test with a Vespa or Scooter, and schools usually provide such service. So you don’t have to show up with your bike. The Road Test can be tricky but it’s quite easy, especially if you don’t have to change gears and your instructor is kind enough to show you the path before the test. You will have to perform an “8” around some pins and drive through traffic for a few minutes. Usually these road tests can be done anywhere but we suggest you take it in a quite or empty area with little traffic. Why? Oh boy. Good luck.

A good school we recommend is this one: Pro Drive New York “Professional driving school of the Americas”. 40E 23rd Street, NY. Phone: (212) 375.1111. Good teachers, good service and fair prices. The total cost of a driver license could change but it’s a few hundred bucks. make sure you check out all informations anyway on the DMV website (