Mechanics Reviews: The Gurus.

armen new jerseyOh well, we all love to work on our motorcycles, don’t we? Feeling your hands dirty and covered in oil gives a great sense of accomplishment. Sometimes we take a while to figure out how to remove that little f*&^% up bolt or where the hell to route that cable, but we make it. And when we make it we think we are genius. But some days are not just as lucky. We need the expert. We need The Guru. We desperately need the dude with tons of experience that knows-it-all. And we are willing to sacrifice a few bucks to make our babies happy (and ourselves of course. Maybe not the girlfriend who is waiting to go shopping with you).  So here a quick selection of what we think are the best go-to mechanics in New York City. We start with New York but again, if you are from Nashville, Vancouver or Milano and you want to talk about your mechanic on Motorcycle Federation, let’s discuss. How? Just drag the mouse (or the finger, if on tablets or phones) on the About & Contact link and shoot us a note. Oh, you are a mechanic and you want to talk about your services? Sorry, you can’t do it on this page because it wouldn’t be impartial. But we are happy to display some good advertising here in the right column of the blog. So shoot us an email and maybe we can bill you, for once. Stay Tuned for posts on Mechanics’ reviews!