Market place on Motorcycle Federation

marketOk, Ok. There is Craigslist, eBay, the shop around your house. But exposing your jewels for sale on Motorcycle Federation is a totally different story! First of all, you can basically reach out to our thousands of followers. For Free. We mean it. You can post the ad for free. Just send us max 3 photos of your bike (again, it has to be cool one! We just do exceptions for Vespa scooters, which can be included) and all your info/details. We have a lot of requests so we cannot guarantee that your bike will be posted right away or actually if it will be posted at all. We want to make sure we create a circle of selling goods that follow our philosophy and concept. So if you want your bike – or parts – posted on our Motorcycle Federation website make sure you have cool pictures and a good information toolkit (year, owners, work done, where etc). Our followers can reach out directly to you because you will provide your contact info as well (smart, huh!?) and we won’t be involved in any transaction. We accept donations though to keep the website up and running! So if you actually sell the bike within a week from the date of the post I guess it’s a win-win situation, you are happy and you want to make us happy. We will delete the posts after one week. If you want to keep it longer for whatever reason, let’s talk about it. (soon will be This is the email address to send us your baby for sale (are you sure you want to sell it??? Damn).