Here’s a little about Motorcycle Federation

nyc_motorcycle_federationMotorcycle Federation was born as a store in NYC a few years ago. The founders Roberto and Colleen had to do it basically out of necessity. They felt the need to build an amazing motorcycle club in New York city while looking for great apparel and accessories. As they found nothing cool,  they created it. Now the store is closed but Motorcycle Federation is a strong group of friends, a culture, an attitude, a lifestyle….and pure love for classic, vintage, cool projects motorcycle. Luca joined Motorcycle Federation to spread this amazing concept on the internet.  Lots of new fans on the street and in the social networks are loving our Motorcycle Federation phylosophy: Vintage bikes, Cool rides, great look and cool attitude. We also ride together around and out of New York so we want you to do the same! If you are like us, like us on Facebook, check out our Pinterest board and Instagram photos. We want to bring the NYC motorcycle vibes online and reach out to thousands of fans that are in love with motorcycles as much as we  are. Keep riding and check out our website for more updates, nice rides outside the city, advices on how to handle a motorcycle in New York City and much more! You can contact us here: or find us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.