Michael Heizer – Biker Art

Michael Heizer

We came across the amazing work of Michal Hazer, a landscape artist who works on large scale projects such as this one. His projects are absolutely outstanding and we wanted to share with you. Motorcycle riding is a form of art, after all.

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Rider Matteo Gottardi of W.R.K

Matteo cover triumph

We want to start our 2014 interview series with a very special rider. Our fellow biker Matteo Gottardi, italian by birth and american by choice tells us about his adventures, passions, rides and more. MF: Ciao Matteo, as you know we always ask this first: tell us about your first motorcycle! MATTEO:  I grew up in […]

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Women Ride Hard: Eveline Besters

eveline rider

Eveline Besters is a model, a rider and travels the world looking for new inspirations. She collaborates with DEUS EX MACHINA and rides everywhere (Amsterdam, New York, Milan, CapeTown, you name it!). Here we tell you (almost) everything about her. MF: Hi Eveline! We are finally ready and excited to publish your interview. Tell us […]

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Riding with The Guru.

gianluca helmet

Gianluca Fellini is a very special fellow rider. He is a “guru”, a photographer and travels the world making all sorts of artistic projects, from photos to art shows to films. And he is a yoga master. He just launched bluedreamescape.com MF: Gianluca, we are so glad to publish your interview here on Motorcycle Federation. A […]

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